January 30, 2009

I Couldn’t be Happier

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Today, the guy I like brought in his book of Edgar Allen Poe’s works. It’s been previously talked upon by the two of us, and we both like his works. When I came to school in the morning, he showed me his book. When I was trying to find the poem ‘Lenore’ and not lose his place, he took it from me and after some searching, found ‘Annabel Lee’ and said it was his favourite poem.

That is exactly my favorite poem. I didn’t say anything, for fear of sounding cheesy and fake, but tommorow I think I will bring in my book, and show him “my favourite” poem as well.

“Who wouldn’t happier?

So, I couldn’t be happier,

because happy is what happens,

when all your dreams come true.”

– Thank Goodness, Wicked


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  1. Hannah said,

    all these highschool crushes :]

    the joy, the fun,

    the pain in the butt.

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