February 28, 2009


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Wow! My mundane posts actually have views! But still no comments… boo hoo.

Anyway, I have been playing Legend of Zelda: Twlight Princess lately. It is too fun! I have it for the Wii and I go a little crazy. I hope I don’t break the controller by accidently letting it go! It is a joyous activity. I spend too much time on it.

Did you know that people who doodle actually have better brain functions then those who daydream? It’s on the BBC website under health, check it out.

New Nintendo DS’s out in Japan! Do want!

Oh, and again, its only on this blog, but:

Cesar, I am really sorry for what I did. I cannot say I blame society, because it was my own fault. I apologize. Please forgive me.


February 21, 2009

Lolita Photoshoot!

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p1020068My Mini-Photoshoot! In my beloved BTSSB Ribbon Princess jumperskirt and my friend’s ushanka. Tis very loli yes?

The Past Girl

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In my past life, I was most certaintly a dilettante. I enjoyed the arts, and had a broad knowledge of all that interested me.  Clad in corsets and eleborate hats, harlequin tights and lace-up boots, I spent the day among the roses, listening to orchestras and reading classical literature. At night, I would put on my best clothes and go out to sample a play or musical.

February 20, 2009

Polo Season is OVER

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                I arrive at water polo, twenty or so minutes late. I don’t mind so much- any time I spent out of the pool is good time.  I slip through the changing room and out onto the deck. So far so good. I slip onto the side of the pool, where girls bags have already lined up, their contents overflowing with school clothes and towels and the like. Oh no, Coach has noticed me.

Coach: “Dude, why are you so late?”

Dude?  I have a name.


I shrug my shoulders and get in the pool. It is cold, cold, cold and it feels like Siberia is licking us. I mentioned this once to the other girls and they said, “Where’s Siberia?”

Me: “It’s a provinence in Russia. It’s to the North and really cold.”

Them: “We didn’t study Russia in geography.”

Me: “Oh.”

Coach has us lined up for egg-beater, side-popping and speed-beating. Who comes up with these dumb names anyway? Someone on the varsity yells for us to get into two lines. Whatever. It’ll be that way for a 25, maybe a 50, and then it’s back to state-of-nature, absolute anarchy thank you very much. Coach begins to drivil.

Coach: “We rank 13th in CIF, and with this attitude you are showing me, giggling and fooling around, maybe I should call them and say that we should be ranked 16th blah blah blah when I played polo blah blah blah when my girls join this team blah blah blah mustangs otay we are a community and we play on a five-year plan blah blah blah. “

The last phases make me snap out of my trance and consider. Five-year plan? We are a community? Automatically I associate them with, well,  communism. What else am I supposed to do?

 I could mention this to Coach, but he would probably lecture me that communism is wrong this is a team there is no I in team why are you always late why can you name off Soviet leaders but you still can’t understand what –insert generic water polo phrase here- means. 

I could mention this to the other girls, but either A) they wouldn’t understand it. B) they would ignore me, or C) Alex would turn with that stupid smirk on her fat face and start whispering. I stay silent, imagining Coach as a secret leader of a socialist water polo group. Coach Chris would be his top KGB-esq guard.  Ha Ha.

We stop, and Coach tells us, the Junior-Varsity-but-not-good-enough-for-CIF-don’t-want-to-ruin-our-chances-of-winning to go over to the other side of the pool and do a base swim. Swimming. Bliss. Bliss for me like Alex listening to Beethoven in A Clockwork Orange. No one telling you what to do, and we don’t even have a time to swim on.  Perfect.

Coach: Alright, you do a 200 IM swim, that’s fifty butterfly fifty backstroke fifty breaststroke fifty freestyle. After that, you do 20 fifties your choice. After that, get out, dry off, and wait for practice to end with us.

Wait for practice to end? Oh no no no no no. I have history homework and I don’t particulary want to be here.

I conjugate Japanese verbs into their te forms as I swim. Nomu is nonde, kaeru is karette, and so on and so forth. It gives me time to think, to ponder, and to enjoy being alone and not having someone pestering you at every moment.

I wonder what Coach would do if his daughters told him that they wanted to do something other then water polo or water sports in general. What is his youngest told him that she wasn’t going to join polo and instead was going to run track? I think Coach might just pop a vein. I wonder how many clipboards he would throw. 

Finished! I look at the clock. Only 4? I despair. That’s it- I’m getting out anyway and going home. I’m going home NOW.

I get out and begin to walk towards the door. The others girls have gotten polo balls and have started throwing them. No big lost. Polo season ends today. I am walking past the lifeguard stand, past the ramp, and it’s not so cold.

Alex: “Ewwwwww.”

I don’t know if that is directed towards me or not. Whatever. I employ the “lolita” method and pretend to be very interested in reading a text on my phone. I am almost at the door, when,

Alex: “ Hey! I am sorry. I didn’t mean that! You can come pass with us if you want.”

Sorry Alex, but I can see through fake kindness.

Me: “No.”

I can hear them as I call my mother.

Marilyn: “Why do you treat her like that?”

I don’t hear the reply.

Marilyn: “She’s really nice, you know.”

I don’t hear the reply.

I brush my hair in the bathroom. I then occurs to me that this is a very Carrie-like scene. One girl brushing her hair out, alone.

I leave. I lie to my mother and tell her that we got out early. She asks where the other girls are. I tell her they are changing in the locker room.

I am thankful water polo is over.

But I want to know why my blog has over 40 views for the one post that I made on Valentine’s Day. It is the one where I ask Cesar if he would be my Valentine.

Is it him visiting? I will drop a hint tommorow and state that my blog suddently has 40 views.

Cesar, I really like you! I don’t like Drake at all in that way!

And this is just another example of my cowardly self. Why can’t I say this to Cesar in person, instead of posting it on an obscure blog where the chance of him reading it is less then zero?

February 19, 2009


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The Junior Varsity water polo team has become Mesa League Champions! We were undeafeated for the season!
We lost to Mar Vista ONCE, but then it was revealed that they dropped down half of the varsity to play us. So the game was declared null and void.
I saw Coraline- it was impressive! I loved the book, and I loved the movie. It was a very good interpretation, and I want to see it in 3-D now.
Also watched Dr.Strangelove. Dr.Strangelove=Genius. It was perfect, and I recommended it to my history teacher- maybe we will watch it. We are going to watch Dr.Zhivago (i think I will cry).
Finished Machiavelli’s The Prince. Now I want to do a lolita-themed Princess outfits.
Spent all my money shopping, but got a new, cute jumperskirt. It would be absolutly PERFECT for lolita, but its teal, white and black checked. Hey, maybe Metamorphose will do something like it, and it will be perfect.
I also found a Harajuku Lovers T-Shirt in my favorite print for cheap. And got two new swimsuits.
Swim and Dive is starting. Yesterday in water polo, (while coach concentrated on the varsity) we had to do 10 one-hundred alternating freestyle, choice and IM. Thankfully they were not timed- I would have died! Swimming is going to kill me. ;_;
I want to go out for dive, but it’s really exclusive and there are only two spots open. Besides, I don’t have any recent skills in gymnastics and I can only do a flip of the side of the pool. Least I don’t have a fear of heights. I have jumped off cliffs and the Gab-Gab wall in Guam.
I just realized I want to go swim in the mock-pool at Gab-Gab. I want to walk among the sharp rocks by the bay. I want to snorkel out and see the fishes frolick. I never would have said this in Guam, but now it is true.
AP World History: Chapter 32- the americas in the age of independance- Boring, boring, boring. It would be alright, if the chapter wasn’t so hard to understand. It just jumps around from north america to latin america to canada to the railroad, radda radda radda.
‘0’ <today is my last water polo practice! I must not be late….

February 16, 2009

Valentine’s Day

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I know this is a little late, and that it’s only on the internet, but,

Cesar, will you be my valentine? I’ve never met a guy like you. You are so sweet and charming.



Even though this blog is unread, I need to say it.

February 2, 2009

Water Polo II

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I have been known to complain. I have been known to whine. I have been known to be a know-it-all.

So does that give you any reason to talk smack about me behind my back?

Last Thursday, at practice, I felt for sure one of the girls was talking about me. Another player had mention how the person featured on the School’s Daily News was such a know-it-all and showoff. The girl in question (the smack-talker) said,

“Oh, I think I know someone like that on this team.”

“Really? Who”

Miss Smack-Talker (as she shall be known) then turns and looks at me. I stare back, my mind churning with unspoken questions and unknown answers. I move up for my turn, and she continues to stare, then turns and whispers to the other girls.

Real Subtle.

Then, as we were practicing fouls in the pit, she mentioned was talking to the coach’s daughter. I overheard her saying that the person was “always complaining..” etc. Again, the dubious looks cast over to my direction.

Sigh. A friend of mine thinks I should tell my coach, and I want to.. I really want to. But what if it turns into complete drama?

I will. I think I will. I’ll go to coach after our Bonita game. That’s so he won’t be stressed. I’ll expose the smack-talker and I will let them know that this lolita-chan is no pushover. She may be a cupcake, but this cupcake has peanut butter inside. She looks sweet and harmless, but one bite and you’ve got samonella.

 Odd metaphor, but I like it!

Water Polo

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This year, I decided to branch out from my swimming. I decided to join water polo, and have found it to be fun, invigorating and something I can enjoy. 

However, the team and I, well…. I feel that we are two seperate beings. There is the Girls Water Polo Team and I. Yes.. I talk to my teamates and the like, but I don’t feel the “team vibe.”

Coach has remarked that he finds it great that all the girls on the team (JV anyway) like and talk to each other.. but I could not help inwardly grimacing to that statement.

To sum it up, when it comes to the team, I do not feel a part of it.  And I was not mean or supirior to the other girls. I treated them as I would treat anyone most. Cordial, nice, the fact being that we are all teamates.

But, as normal, girls are girls, and groups are formed. I am not “in” one of these groups. I have noticed it in the varsity as well, as their are about 2 groups that form and talk and laugh with each other. Me, and two other varisty girls are the same (or I like to think). We don’t talk much, and we just converse with other sporadically. We do our part in practice and at games, etc.  The two varisty girls are some of the best on the team… who knows, maybe I’ll grow to be like them!

But back to the exclusions. Yes, their are some girls I am an partner of. Yes, their are some that I look up too.

To all the rest: Do not treat me different just because I read Japanese fashion magazines and books about the Soviet Union! That does not qualify a person as an oddity!  I just want to feel I am part of the team.. not on paper, but in minds and hearts.

Coach said that I have ability and strength.  I like swimming, I like water polo. The guy I like is coming (hopefully!!!!) to one of our games..

Who gives a care about the exclusions of my teamates… the above reasons may be all I need to keep me in the game.