February 2, 2009

Water Polo II

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:19 am by rosecarnival

I have been known to complain. I have been known to whine. I have been known to be a know-it-all.

So does that give you any reason to talk smack about me behind my back?

Last Thursday, at practice, I felt for sure one of the girls was talking about me. Another player had mention how the person featured on the School’s Daily News was such a know-it-all and showoff. The girl in question (the smack-talker) said,

“Oh, I think I know someone like that on this team.”

“Really? Who”

Miss Smack-Talker (as she shall be known) then turns and looks at me. I stare back, my mind churning with unspoken questions and unknown answers. I move up for my turn, and she continues to stare, then turns and whispers to the other girls.

Real Subtle.

Then, as we were practicing fouls in the pit, she mentioned was talking to the coach’s daughter. I overheard her saying that the person was “always complaining..” etc. Again, the dubious looks cast over to my direction.

Sigh. A friend of mine thinks I should tell my coach, and I want to.. I really want to. But what if it turns into complete drama?

I will. I think I will. I’ll go to coach after our Bonita game. That’s so he won’t be stressed. I’ll expose the smack-talker and I will let them know that this lolita-chan is no pushover. She may be a cupcake, but this cupcake has peanut butter inside. She looks sweet and harmless, but one bite and you’ve got samonella.

 Odd metaphor, but I like it!


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