February 2, 2009

Water Polo

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:55 am by rosecarnival

This year, I decided to branch out from my swimming. I decided to join water polo, and have found it to be fun, invigorating and something I can enjoy. 

However, the team and I, well…. I feel that we are two seperate beings. There is the Girls Water Polo Team and I. Yes.. I talk to my teamates and the like, but I don’t feel the “team vibe.”

Coach has remarked that he finds it great that all the girls on the team (JV anyway) like and talk to each other.. but I could not help inwardly grimacing to that statement.

To sum it up, when it comes to the team, I do not feel a part of it.  And I was not mean or supirior to the other girls. I treated them as I would treat anyone most. Cordial, nice, the fact being that we are all teamates.

But, as normal, girls are girls, and groups are formed. I am not “in” one of these groups. I have noticed it in the varsity as well, as their are about 2 groups that form and talk and laugh with each other. Me, and two other varisty girls are the same (or I like to think). We don’t talk much, and we just converse with other sporadically. We do our part in practice and at games, etc.  The two varisty girls are some of the best on the team… who knows, maybe I’ll grow to be like them!

But back to the exclusions. Yes, their are some girls I am an partner of. Yes, their are some that I look up too.

To all the rest: Do not treat me different just because I read Japanese fashion magazines and books about the Soviet Union! That does not qualify a person as an oddity!  I just want to feel I am part of the team.. not on paper, but in minds and hearts.

Coach said that I have ability and strength.  I like swimming, I like water polo. The guy I like is coming (hopefully!!!!) to one of our games..

Who gives a care about the exclusions of my teamates… the above reasons may be all I need to keep me in the game.


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