February 19, 2009


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The Junior Varsity water polo team has become Mesa League Champions! We were undeafeated for the season!
We lost to Mar Vista ONCE, but then it was revealed that they dropped down half of the varsity to play us. So the game was declared null and void.
I saw Coraline- it was impressive! I loved the book, and I loved the movie. It was a very good interpretation, and I want to see it in 3-D now.
Also watched Dr.Strangelove. Dr.Strangelove=Genius. It was perfect, and I recommended it to my history teacher- maybe we will watch it. We are going to watch Dr.Zhivago (i think I will cry).
Finished Machiavelli’s The Prince. Now I want to do a lolita-themed Princess outfits.
Spent all my money shopping, but got a new, cute jumperskirt. It would be absolutly PERFECT for lolita, but its teal, white and black checked. Hey, maybe Metamorphose will do something like it, and it will be perfect.
I also found a Harajuku Lovers T-Shirt in my favorite print for cheap. And got two new swimsuits.
Swim and Dive is starting. Yesterday in water polo, (while coach concentrated on the varsity) we had to do 10 one-hundred alternating freestyle, choice and IM. Thankfully they were not timed- I would have died! Swimming is going to kill me. ;_;
I want to go out for dive, but it’s really exclusive and there are only two spots open. Besides, I don’t have any recent skills in gymnastics and I can only do a flip of the side of the pool. Least I don’t have a fear of heights. I have jumped off cliffs and the Gab-Gab wall in Guam.
I just realized I want to go swim in the mock-pool at Gab-Gab. I want to walk among the sharp rocks by the bay. I want to snorkel out and see the fishes frolick. I never would have said this in Guam, but now it is true.
AP World History: Chapter 32- the americas in the age of independance- Boring, boring, boring. It would be alright, if the chapter wasn’t so hard to understand. It just jumps around from north america to latin america to canada to the railroad, radda radda radda.
‘0’ <today is my last water polo practice! I must not be late….


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