March 30, 2009

The Cult of Angelic Pretty?

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Angelic Pretty- the super-sweet lolita brand that is making waves in both the international and the Japanese lolita fashion communities. Known for signature pieces like Magical Etoile, Puppet Circus, Sugary Carnival, and Yumeiru Macaron (to name a few), AP is fast gaining the love and adoration of many sweet lolitas world-wide. When they opened their English site, they had to re-do their ordering process to cope with all of the orders they were recieving. The resale prices on most of their items-not just the popular ones- are often on the ridiculous side. Then the fringe lolita brand Bodyline put out replicas of two of their most famous pieces, Melody Doll and Fruit Parlour. Angelic Pretty is quickly becoming the go-to sweet lolita brand.

I think it’s safe to say that most sweet lolitas covet one specific AP item- and many own numerous pieces. Other sweet lolita brands, Metamorphose and Baby the Stars Shine Bright are being left in the dust.

Why? Why are some of the most beloved brands being left for the sugary laces of Angelic Pretty?

I think it is because Angelic Pretty made the first stride to ‘connect’ with overseas lolitas. Yeah, Baby and Meta opened their overseas stores first, but they never really made a move to meet one-on-one with the international lolitas. Angelic Pretty did just so, with the designers Maki and Asuka’s apperances at Pacific Media Expo (PMX) in the last two years. Lolitas saw the faces behind the brand, learned who came up with the designs they so coveted.

When Baby made the same move in 2008, to appear at New York’s anime expo (correct me if i am wrong) they didn’t exactly get a turn-out like the AP event did. Reports said that the designers from Baby were shy, and only warmed up near the end of the event.

Also, Angelic Pretty was the last of the big three sweet brands to open up overseas shipping. Before then, Yahoo! Japan Auctions, Shopping Services and the like had to be used to obtain AP products. Even now, AP doesn’t stock many items on their English site, so in my opinion, an element of rarity and elusiveness remains on their products.

Could that be why Angelic Pretty is gaining so much love from the lolita community?

Also, Kokusyoku Sumire (a duet of singers) wear Angelic Pretty; the artist Imai Kira illustrates for AP, the popular lolita blogger Sae and her group of friends wear highly coordinated AP outfits. AP has it all- media, art, and popularity.

Maybe some like AP for the designs or the style- don’t get me wrong, I like AP and have an extensive wishlist for their items. I just like BTSSB more.


March 24, 2009


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So here I was, Saturday night, not a care in the world except for the fact that I was going to stay up and play Twilight Princess. Then I look at my phone. 3 Texts. One is from my friend, Nelissa. She asks me about something and then asks if I like Cesar.


I give my standerd reply… maybe.

She presses on, and I tell her that if she tells me why I think so, I will give her an honest answer.

She tells me that while she was there, she asks him why he didn’t meet me on Friday at school (because his brother DID get my message and told him), and he said he had business to attend to.

That’s cool and all.

But then Nelissa told me that Cesar said that (these are the exact words from the text)

“That one day he saw you and you saw this girl hug him or whatever and you looked mad after seeing that. Then in English you aggressively wrote your essay…” (this is the same incident I wrote about in ‘Don’t wish; don’t start’)

Yes, I was mad. It was like little specks of mercury were slicing through my veins. I could feel my heart bolt around the corner, off the campus and away to somewhere much, much safer. My brain was a useless muscle, barely trying to comprehend what had happened. The day was supposed to be perfect. I wrote my essay, deft face deft eyes writing an essay not like Caitlin while a fight went on in my brain. Tears brimming at the back of my eyes, something stronger tells them, “You shall not pass!” I cried at home.

Well, back to the topic,

After I replied with a realization of that he was more aware then I thought.. and he was listening to me write my essay?  She writes back,

“Well duh Caitlin! He had suspisions too.”

Alright, but I still need this question answered:

1. Did he have suspisions about me liking him before that little incident or when that little incident happened?

I have read the above messages over and over again, trying to pull meaning and symbols from them like I do with books like Anthem. But it’s not working. The words don’t stand for anything more then what they are.

After this, I stayed up till 11, playing Twilight Princess. I found the hidden village, but I couldn’t find any hidden meanings in those words.

March 18, 2009


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After about a week of no success, I finally, finally, beat the Desert Level on Twilight Princess. YESSSSSS.

I know, I know, I suck if it took me that long.  I stopped in the middle AND WENT LOOKING FOR MOER BUGS AND HERT PEECES. YES.

Haha yeah!

March 17, 2009

Fun with Words and Sociology

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Introducing a new blog feature, in which every week I will take 2 titles or events from history or literature and change them into new verbs or other grammer phrases.

1. Bolshevik- to bolsheviked/bolsheviking- verb- means to succeed in overthrowing a tradition or a long-standing rule.

ex. Can you believe she bolsheviked her mom into letting her get her nose pierced?

Pertaining to the October 1917 Russian Revolution, where Vladimer Ilyich Lenin and the Bolsheviks succeeded in overthrowing the czarist regime and establishing a communist one.

2. Bergeron- to bergeroned- verb- meaning to bring someone down to the average or basic level.

ex. This school just bergeroned me!

Petaining to the short story Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, in which the future has become “completely equal” as in no one can be better then anyone else, and the government will take measures into stopping others from using their abilities.

Also, my new social theory-

In most social relationships, we do not “tire” or “leave” people, they are being constantly replaced by others who we deem more suitable. Basically, we change out people in our lives for new ones that we think are better or we like more. Remember the age-old story in which two girls are best friends, until on gets a boyfriend and the other girl no longer seems as important as she did before? Well, it’s exactly like that. We interchange people in our lives for new ones, constantly, and often without realizing it, until we think, “Hey, I haven’t spoken to ______ in a while.”

I don’t know if a social theory like this exists, so if you know, tell me, okay.

P.S: I know this blog is getting views…. so please drop me a comment. There are approx. 42 views for the “Valentine’s Day” post. Leave comments, please!

Lucky Day

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I got into intersession! And while this seems like a strange cry from a teen, it’s all good because now I get to be with Cesar!!!!! We are not in the same class though.

I talked to his brother, but only saw him. I know he was going to talk to that girl…

Anyways, I hope to see him tommorow so that I can talk to him and hopefully get him to come to Friday’s swim meet. Yay.

Speaking of swim, if you live in Southern California, go to channel 7 or 39  (NBC) at 6:00 to watch the news. My swim team is on it!!!! 😀

March 16, 2009

Thank Goodness!

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I woke up this morning and didn’t feel a heavy heart. Thank GOD!

I feel so much better now… but I still need to get into intersession.

I am so glad I feel better!

And, wow, some of my posts get a lot of . Hey, those who are reading this blog, can you drop a comment or two? Thanks

March 14, 2009

The Next Day

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I don’t feel any better today. I feel down and my heart feels heavy.

I don’t know what I am sad about anymore.

I don’t feel hungry, I don’t feel like talking, all I want is basically to see Cesar.  I know that he thinks of me only as a friend but still…

It’s hard to wait until intersession.

Don’t wish; don’t start

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Wishing only wounds the heart.

Today was the last day of school before intersession. Days like today are not supposed to go wrong. For me, they couldn’t go wrong. New english class, seat behind Cesar, nothing could go wrong at all.

Oh but it did. What played out was like a nightmare from every high school show on the earth.

I am walking to English w/ Alejandro and Cesar, feeling wonderful. It would be a great end to a good quarter. Then this girl walks toward us and throws her arms around Cesar.

My heart sunk. Oh god no.

She said she wants to marry him. She said that she read Lord of the Flies and made another comment. He gives her that smile, that “only-for-you” smile. She’s obviously older. She’s smart. She’s way way prettier.

Calls me sweetie. Tells me I look like a princess.  I am in shock.

We leave. Cesar is smiling. I say nothing.

I want to cry.

I can’t think. I want to cry. School is done. I saw good-bye and walk away with Alejandro. I implore him to tell me what that girl is to Cesar. He said he didn’t know. He asks me why I care so much. I tell him look here on this blog and FIND OUT WHY.

Swimming helps. I still feel bad. I just want to see Cesar. Talk to him.

Now I know that he thinks of me as a friend and nothing more.

Once again, I suppose, I am not that girl.