March 24, 2009


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So here I was, Saturday night, not a care in the world except for the fact that I was going to stay up and play Twilight Princess. Then I look at my phone. 3 Texts. One is from my friend, Nelissa. She asks me about something and then asks if I like Cesar.


I give my standerd reply… maybe.

She presses on, and I tell her that if she tells me why I think so, I will give her an honest answer.

She tells me that while she was there, she asks him why he didn’t meet me on Friday at school (because his brother DID get my message and told him), and he said he had business to attend to.

That’s cool and all.

But then Nelissa told me that Cesar said that (these are the exact words from the text)

“That one day he saw you and you saw this girl hug him or whatever and you looked mad after seeing that. Then in English you aggressively wrote your essay…” (this is the same incident I wrote about in ‘Don’t wish; don’t start’)

Yes, I was mad. It was like little specks of mercury were slicing through my veins. I could feel my heart bolt around the corner, off the campus and away to somewhere much, much safer. My brain was a useless muscle, barely trying to comprehend what had happened. The day was supposed to be perfect. I wrote my essay, deft face deft eyes writing an essay not like Caitlin while a fight went on in my brain. Tears brimming at the back of my eyes, something stronger tells them, “You shall not pass!” I cried at home.

Well, back to the topic,

After I replied with a realization of that he was more aware then I thought.. and he was listening to me write my essay?  She writes back,

“Well duh Caitlin! He had suspisions too.”

Alright, but I still need this question answered:

1. Did he have suspisions about me liking him before that little incident or when that little incident happened?

I have read the above messages over and over again, trying to pull meaning and symbols from them like I do with books like Anthem. But it’s not working. The words don’t stand for anything more then what they are.

After this, I stayed up till 11, playing Twilight Princess. I found the hidden village, but I couldn’t find any hidden meanings in those words.


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