April 16, 2009

Updates on my Life (but no one reads this blog)

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School started for the last quarter. It’s a boring as ever. The only new thing is that I now have P.E first period and English sixth period. It’s not enough to negate the boring that is math class, japanese class and maybe even history class.
AP History final is only like 5 weeks away. I guess I should study but I don’t have the book with me.
We have to write an essay for the test this week. It’s on how any of the three countries (Germany, Italy and Japan) rebuilt themselves after WWI. Easy enough, Germany listened to a crazy guy and got really racist; Italy listened to a crazy guy and got really facist; Japan listened to a crazy guy and got really kamikaze. I would rather take the 70-question test.
CST tests are next week. They now count for something instead of counting for nothing (like they used to) so the school is trying to get everyone to care about the outcome of the tests and trying to get them to raise the scores. It’s not really possible, as this school is so lenient on everything else that when they try to enforce something it doesn’t really work. Besides, you can’t just make a horde of generally uninterested adolescents care about something that they don’t care about.
For English yesterday, we went to the National College Fair (University of Oregon wasn’t there ;_;). I spent 3 minutes looking at colleges, then 30 minutes trying to find my friend, then we all went outside and talked for the next 3 or so hours. It was worth it. It was actually fun.
The tempurature has dropped recently and now its really really cold. I am dreading swim. At least the divers have it worse, because they have to get in and out of the water. Both Christian’s on the dive team are really cute.
I hope to get the Nintendo DSi soon. they don’t have it in pink i want it in pink. grrr….
I also hope to get a job at Gamestop. It will be a fun summer job.
Oh yeah I got a MySpace. After what, 3 years.
It’s myspace.com/sugar_ribbon
The new BTSSB stuff is really cute. Their spring stuff is always the cutest. Merry Sweet Castle, Alice in Ribbon Castle, Secret Cake Factory, Name of the Rose (AatP) and Blooming Snow White. Plus they have blouses in pink and mint! And headdresses in mint, sky blue and cherry.
I’ll make a wishlist post tommorow.


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