May 21, 2009


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Sooooo… yeah. There is not a post on this blog lately that does not have to do with Cesar. Yeah…

So I found out the chick’s name. Sara.

Apparently Sara had Cesar write her this letter in English. He wanted it folded into a bird and I can do origami so…

I read it. He called her Madame Sara and talked about what kind of music and books he likes. He opened it with “Do you care for a fine summer’s day? Well, I don’t.” He went on about music and cosmology-crap etc etc.  I felt like screaming “bullshit!” as loud as I could. Multiple times. CAUSE IT WAS.

My only condolense was that the crane was crap.

And then, when school was out, she was waiting outside our classroom door. WAITING FOR THE STUPID AFFECTIONATE LETTER THAT WOULD PUT THE TWILIGHT ROMANCE TO SHAME, IT WAS SO SAPPY.

I opened the door and felt something along the lines of this:


Cesar gave her the crane, and she was all like, “Ooooh you actually did it?” and made the bird “fly” around his face. I was standing with Alejandro and she had her back turned, you know, flippin’ the bird (no pun intended).

I don’t know what to think. Does he like her? Or doesn’t he? There isn’t a pattern.

I found that post like this, combined with the AP/Lolita posts, are the only thing that gives this blog hits. So I’ll keep it up.

Oh, these images are so totally not mine. They were borrowed off awesome individuals from around the interwebs. Don’t worry, no hotlinking was involved. I’m totes above that.


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