May 25, 2009

The Cult of Angelic Pretty, Part II

Posted in Lolita Fashion at 11:02 am by rosecarnival

Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty, how we love and worship thee. We immerse ourselves in your designs, and strive to win your clothing. We are your humble disciples, giving you the support (money and popularity) to create even more popular items. Let us be one with your brand, let us dress in your limited edition Tea Party shoes in mint and dry our hands with your special gift Royal Poodle hand towels. Let us wear Cherry Berry Bunny in the spring, and Rose Princess in the fall.

That is how the Sweet Lolita fashion is becoming.

But to those whose hearts belong with another brand, or with another style, you may be wondering, “why all the Angelic Pretty dresses on the sweet lolitas? Weren’t there 3 or so major sweet brands?”

There were. But there are four more reasons to AP growing popularity.

One: AP is an 1337 brand pls.

The exclusivity AP had still remains after their English site opened. It takes a long time for them to update the site, and the items you want are long sold out, and it’s back to scouring Y!Japan Auctions for you! So all items still carry “I went through alot to get this, much more then the BABY dress you reserved off the site.”

Oh yeah, Metamorphose and BTSSB both let you reserve their upcoming items off their sites, for Japanese and international customers alike. But this is not the case for Angelic Pretty. Sadly, reservations can be taken in Japanese only, in Japanese time. Shopping services are often the only option for international lolitas.

Number 2: RARE PRINTS. AP has ’em. For a limited time. And the second-market price will cost you an arm and a leg… and maybe some fingers or toes. And the number of rare prints! Magical Etoile, Sugary Carnival, Puppet Circus, Yumeiru Macaron, Okashi no Kuni, Fruit Parlour, Pastel ala Mode, Chandalier, Wonder Party, the print with the creepy bunnies on it that was in winter 2008-2009, Magic Whip, Twinkle Mermaid, Mermaid Symphony… I could go on and on. These prints (and all related accessories) often sell for twice… or thrice times their original price.

Now ask me some rare prints from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. Uh…. there is My Favorite Things… and Sugar Bouquet…. maybe Yuki No Namida Hime… and maybe Snow White…?  (if there are more, drop a comment and enlighten me) I can only think of a few. And the price that a pink Sugar Bouquet JSK will go up to is like pocket change compared to what a pink Sugary Carnival skirt can go up to.

Oh, Metamorphose. You have your Windows Print (thank you Emily).

I tend to picture the designers of BTSSB and Meta, pouring over sales charts, and stressing over upcoming designs… then looking at AP sales records and their blogs and websites and saying “what are they doing that we are not??”

But that’s my overactive imagination, and that’s beside the point.

Reason 3: AP is the new thing.

When Metamorphose opened, I wasn’t into lolita fashion yet I am sure it was the cream de la creame of lolita brands. When BTSSB opened overseas shipping, it was in the spotlight. Now, maybe it’s just Angelic Pretty’s turn for some love. It’s the new in brand for now. Lolita styles and trends change like any other fashion. AP’s over-the-top, sugary sweet goodness with a cherry on top is just the new style.

Reason 4: AP caters to followers of other fashions then lolita.

Himegyaru. Fairy-kei. Decora.  Himeka Shirosaki, a gyaru, loves the style and dress of AP. Check her blog out. AP’s chiffon, shiny ribbons, sparkely blouses, over-the-top “HERE I AM” designs, and the odd leapord print bag appeal to followers of the hime-gyaru, or just plain gyaru fashion. So they have those girls backing them up. And since big hime hair is popular within the lolita community lately, it’s no wonder that AP is too.

Also, many of AP’s pieces are a cross between fairy-kei and lolita, or himegyaru and lolita. The pieces Candy Fairy and KiraKira Rose reflect the aforemost mentioned styles perfectly. So if a lolita wished to reflect a more fairy or himegyaru style without devoting themselves to the style absolutely, and still reflect the true “lolita” style.

Angelic Pretty, of course, is almost the perfect brand for decora. The intricate design on many of there prints gives a lot of options for crazy coordinating or accessories. Take the hugely popular Sugary Carnival series, for example. It has its main motif of carousel horses, it also has a background feature of candy, marshmellow twists, and fruit. So many option abound for coordinating!

I, for one, being the BTSSB lover that I am, have a small secret to confess. When I was a littlun lolita, the pages of Angelic Pretty scans on Advant Gauche were beautiful like no other. When it came for my trip to Japan, I couldn’t find the location on wikipedia (it never occured to translate the page in my 13 year old head); but the location of Baby was right there. So I chose Baby. And I have loved it ever since, for it’s elegant and beautiful designs with just the touches of sugary sweetness. But Angelic Pretty is fast becoming my guilty love.



  1. Emily said,

    Metamorphose DOES have a (meaning one XD) print that I think counts as “rare”: their Windows print from a few years back. It still fetches fairly high prices in resale even though it’s quite old.

  2. flashplayer said,

    Hmm. Is it true? 🙂

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