June 8, 2009

Almost No More School

Posted in In the Life of a Lolita at 5:13 am by rosecarnival

Yaaaay! No more school… in…a…week.

Finals: Japanese, Math, English. Gotta study study study and get all A’s so I can kick some butt next year in class rank!

English: study in period 3, during movie-watching

Math: study 3 days before

Japanese: procrasinate… but then study because I have to get an A so I can rub it in my teacher’s face.

I’m ready for summer, I’m ready for summah!

I’m going to hang out with friends, go to the beach, and do my APUSH homework.

Movies I want to see: Up, Precious, My Sister’s Keeper, Transformers 2, HARRY POTTER (omg!)

Superjail is the greatest show ever. It is ranking up their with Chowder. It is violent and funny and absolute crazy.

One more week of school……all the seniors are gone AND I MISS THEM!

I want a Jailbot. It could intimidate my teachers into giving me A’s and it would surely scare the crap out of Sara. (of course I cannot make a post without includind T.U.B [the unspoken battle- it’s got a cool anagram])

On that note, I think I should re-name this blog T.U.B, it’s all I ever talk about.

Lolita out!


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