June 9, 2009


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I used to live on a tiny Pacific Island called Guam. Although I hated it when I first arrived, I grew to love it. All families and their children in the same situation as I (meaning: parental figure came home one day and said, “next year we are moving to Guam!!!!” WHAT) did not like Guam. They spoke about how much the island troubled them, and how much they wanted to get back to the mainland. Although I first spoke badly of Guam, I grew to love the island. Because to a girl used to the sprawling megapolis of California, Guam soon became a place where I could find peace. I could find myself. Guam was a place were I could watch the sun set… I know I had more time in Guam to do everything I needed.

Guam gave me a chance to find myself. When I came to Guam, I was a 7th grader, caught in a crazy fantasy world, terribly quixotic and generally anti-social… basically, messed-up! Guam took me away from all the influences and told me that I needed to find myself. I did.

Guam also introduced me to the most marvelous of schools: St.Johns, which held the most marvelous of people. People I met who were like me, smart, but fun, both talkers and listeners, and so many many other wonderful qualities that I list. They became my friends. And the teachers! Some of the best teachers I ever had were for 9th grade Biology and History. They told me that I could always do more. The island, the school, the friends, the teachers, all influenced the girl. Who can say if I have changed for the better? I do believe I have been changed for the better.

I was wrong. My roots are not in San Deigo. Being a military child, they are not in any place really. I’ve been to so many places and met so many people and have been uprooted uproooted uprooted so many times I believe I don’t really have a “hometown’.

But my roots are in Guam and my heart is with Guam.

Guam taught my to be myself, to like myself, to go the way I want to go. St.Johns taught me that it was okay to be smart, it was okay to be different, it was okay to strive for more, to stand for the things I believe in.

I came to Guam a miserable, unsecure, selfish brat, and came out changed, wiser, better.

No matter how long I live, no matter where I go, no matter, no matter, I will always believe, I will always know, that Guam taught me how to love.


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  1. Hannah said,

    awww, i love this post :]
    without you caitlin,
    i would have believed in the power of individuality

    dont thank Guam for your personal improvements.
    thank yourself.
    kudos to you. :]

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