June 10, 2009

I Swore to Perfect the Art of Blogging!

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In commemoration of both two of my very best friends reading my blog to the fullest, I will make an excellent post. Similar to Hannah’s thirtiest post, I will make a list.  I don’t have anything cool to list like that I like multiples of _#, but I hope it is interesting nevertheless.

I like biology and geometry. I don’t like physics and algebra.

I like frilly things, and lolita things. There is often a major difference between the two.

I hate it when people attempt to act smart, when you know they are not.

I like blogging. I’d like Twitter alot more too but my phone and twitter are not friends.

I like plaid.

I like spring and summer best.

I like rain.

I like ribbons and bows.

I like to read old books like Wuthering Heights and Dante’s Inferno, but I still find it enjoyable to read other, more simple books.

I realize that I over-think stuff.

I cry every time I read Bridge to Terebithia.

I enjoy taking pictures of myself.

I like the word I.

I find video games fun.

My brother is stuck on the scaffolding outside our house this very moment and I am not helping him. He can stay out there for all I care.

I like knowing a lot of people.

I cannot dress myself at the beginning of the year, but near the end I begin to be able.

I will always think that cherry pink and yellow and blue look great together.

My desk is always a mess. I can’t work any other way.

I am a super procratinator.

I should be studying math right now. V=4/3pi-rcubed-height. 

I like traveling and trips. I like new places.

I want school to end.

I think I’ll go swimming.

I like indie movies, but don’t want to say “o yes this indie moo-vee is my favorite!!11!” because i do not want to appear a poser.

I know my nailpolish is cheap.

I like my hair.

I am the reason we can’t have nice things.

I believe myself to be HUGE LIKE X-BOX!!!!!!!


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  1. Hannah said,

    thank you caitlin ;]
    your list is soo interesting and humorous.

    i agree to the crying to bridge to terebithia book and overthinking.

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