June 26, 2009

I’m in Canada

Posted in In the Life of a Lolita at 7:44 am by rosecarnival

I’m in Canada. It’s really nice up here. I’m on a small island off the coast. Well, it’s not really small.

The beaches here are really nice but I don’t dare swim in them unless I have my wetsuit. This Tuesday, it was the lowest tide in like FOREVER and all the tidepool-esq creatures washed up. I took at least five photos of one purple starfish.

We went on a hike, the Ripple Rock Hike to see the tide move back in (at like 15 nauts) from a mountain; it was really cool because all these whirlpools formed. Except for the hike… there were slugs! I HATE HATE HATE slugs!

And then when we got back, I was told to check myself for ticks. Ugh. Did you know ticks will crawl into your hairline? In your armpits? Up your pants and nest in your pubes? UghUghUgh. And then when you find them, all you see are little tick legs poking out. (No ticks on me, thank you very much)

And to top it all off, my ipod fell and the screen cracked. WAS NOT COOL. Gaaaaahhhh

But other then that, Canada is pretty cool. I like the stores up here. And everythings in French and English, instead of English and Spanish, which is what I am used too. I can understand a little bit of French (nothing major, and its all because the english equavilant is 3 cm above).

And in Canada, they have size 9 jeans! That is WIN.

So in other news, my submission for the lolita blog, “The Daily Frill” was accepted. Yes.

And Aimee Major, of A Tall Girl’s Guide to Japan, commented on my AP post!!!!! Squee!  I can really relate to her experience in Japan, because its prety much what I did. And I got the same “looks”. Not because I’m tall, but because my hair is oh-so-in-your-face-foreign-colored.

I need to make a post on the Daily Frill.


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