July 31, 2009

So I Was Playing Wind Waker…

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…. and I noticed that Ganondorf has a super popped collar.

I’ll never be as cool.


July 27, 2009

Nokemono to Hanayome

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Every lolita can recognize the beautiful artwork done for Angelic Pretty by Imai Kira (and sometimes designer Maki), but Baby, the Stars Shine Bright also had artwork done for them as well.

Although artwork for BTSSB was not done in sync with new prints, the magazine Kera has featured Asumiko Nakamura’s artwork for the short story (now a manga) called, “Nokemono to Hanayome” which roughly translates to ‘A Reject and the Bride”



Some of Baby’s most beloved prints have been drawn up by Asumiko Nakamura.

The story? For me, it’s very fuzzy. I’ve managed to pierce together bits and pieces from Japanese blogs and from what I can understand.

The main character, Sara Hitsuji (Sara Sheep), and Itaru, “the outcast” (who is the hand she is holding in each of the pictures) travel together. They are running from the police, who have been sent by Sara’s father, who incidently is in love with her. To make matters worse, Itaru is wanted by the members of the Burning Giraffe (this may or may not be the name, the translation could be faulty) for reasons unbeknownst to me.

In the manga (chapters 1-7) Itaru and Hitsuji are on the run from the police, and they stop in a church to, well, get married. The Pastor and his assistants act very kind to them, but then knock them out, revealing that the Pastor has a fetish for younger girls. He takes Histuji down to his lab, where she is strapped up to various wires. She escapes and comes across a room filled with the bodies of dead girls. A voice speaks to her (later revealed to be her beloved Itaru) and the next thing we know, she is back with the Pastor. He begins to cut off her clothing, and she retaliates by stabbing him in the eye. However, her father has come to take her back, and the scene closes with Itaru being shredded by Histuji’s father’s assitant.

Too me, it is a fasinating storyline. I wish it was in English. The artwork really draws you in, specifically the eyes and the clothing. Asumiko Nakamura puts a lot of detail into her art.

Lolita is never really touched upon greatly in the story, except that the clothing Hitsuji wears is Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. In the manga, she wears lolita, but it is never really a major part of the storyline like it is in Shimostuma Monogatari.

It may be just a manga, but it did start out as a story. We really need more good literature (Japanese or English) that stars a good, strong-willed lolita as the main character.

Some more art: 2w7qx5s


This dress is the lace monster that BTSSB released lace winter.

If anyone knows more about this story (or has more art), comment! I’d love to know more!

P.S: If any groups are/would like to scanlate this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me.

Radda Radda

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I don’t want to go to school. radda radda radda

July 26, 2009


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Coherent posts. I need more.
My ideas:
1. Girl Gamers
2. Leave Metamorphose Alone!
3. Gothic Lolita will Make a Comeback (Eventually)
4. Moer kuhl thangs.

The Cult of Angelic Pretty, Part III

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Picture this: you decide to go to an anime or Japan convention. Walking around, you see the usual: cosplayers, con-goers, and the ubiquitous lolita. This lolita is dressed up really nice. She’s wearing a skirt with some carousel horses going around the bottom. It’s cute. She’s got her hair done up with little hair clips and ribbons in it. Then you see another lolita. Surprise! She’s wearing the same dress too! Then another lolita, in the exact same dress. And another. And another. And another. What’s going on?

Aren’t lolitas the ones who champion the style of dressing differently? So what’s with all the girls in the exact same style?

The answer: The Cult of Angelic Pretty. It seems that every lolita now wants to be the perfectly sweet lolita clad in AP’s sugary style.

I’ve covered all the other aspects of why Angelic Pretty is so appealing in my other posts: The Cult of Angelic Pretty Part I and II. Now I get down to the nitty-gritty in Part III, the personal aspect.

1. Angelic Pretty’s Popularity is a trend.

Although lolita may be a sub-culture, it still follows the pattern of trends. AP is currently that trend. So like any other trend, people follow it. People follow trends for all sorts of reasons: it’s different to each person. But perhaps the most common one is that they want to fit in. If one didn’t get as many comments when they dressed in say, Classical Lolita, they may think that if they dressed in AP, people will think that it will bring them more attention. I’m being really, really base, but it’s true.

Following trends can give people a sense of belonging. If you follow the EGL community, you’ve probably seen the con or meet-up posts where after the event, a group of good lolita friends go out for a little while. If they are all wearing Memorial Cake/Melty Chocolate, for example, a person who is not part of their group can get a feeling of inclusion when they dress in the same print.

2. Angelic Pretty will help you be pop-pu-lar~

Popular! I’ll help you be popular! I’ll show you what shoes to wear, how to fix your hair, everything that really counts to be popular!

Some of the most popular lolitas on EGL wear Angelic Pretty. Those who are not so popular may think that by wearing the same dress, they too can be popular.  The feeling of seeing another lolita in the same dress is often pleasant, but seeing a more popular lolita in the same dress as you is very exciting. When you dress like the popular lolitas do, there may be more of a chance that they will accept you into their ranks.

“It’s the way your viewed, so it’s very shrewd to be… very very popular, like me.”

Again, it really boils down to the individual lolita. While some dress AP because they love the style, others may dress AP because its the cool thing to do.  Some lolitas, who have loved AP before it became popular, will continue dressing in the style. However, lolitas who are just following the trend will then jump on the next style.

Sweet Lolitas may be at the top of lolita fashion, but something tells me that gothic lolita/aristocrat is making a comeback. Not a slow one, either. But a comeback that is going to smack sweet lolita right off the pedestal. It may not be this year, but eventually, it’s going to comeback. The Cult of Angelic Pretty will fizz out and disappear. (What will I post about?!)

 Although I am a Sweet Lolita, I agree that we need variation in the lolita community. A hundred posts of girls wearing AP gets dull.

All styles of lolita are beautiful (excluding cosplay lolita), and we need to see more of a style that’s not sweet.

So when gothic lolita makes its comeback, expect to see the girls who have always loved sweet/AP still wearing the style; but also expect the bandwagon jumpers to jump right on this one.

Me myself? I think I will always tend to lean towards sweet or classical lolita. I won’t shun black or darker colours, as you can wear black and still dress sweet. I just hope that the prices on my favorite sweet prints will go down!

July 23, 2009

Make it or Break it, Bodyline

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Bodyline: the fringe gothic/punk/lolita store that’s got a little bit for every Harajuku style at low prices. However, most items are very hit and miss, meaning you could get a great blouse that matches all the lolita standards on day, but then buy another blouse that looks like it’s been drowned in the cheapest lace known to man. But lately, Bodyline’s items and quality has been improving; leading to the big question: will Bodyline ever be considered a Tried and True Lolita Brand?

Let’s take a look.

First, start off with Bodyline’s history. Bodyline orginally started as a sex costume shop.  Then, the deviated into maid dress, cosplay, and then finally ended up at lolita. Until recently, (I would guess around 2006/2007-2009) the name Bodyline was considered to be the very epitome of bad lace, poor quality, shoddy constuction, and all in all, a big lolita no-no. To put it short, Bodyline was a laughingstock. I remember looking at a post on EGL of a meet-up, and the poster had titled the picture of her BTSSB bunnybag saying something along the lines of, “Bunnybag says your mom wears Bodyline. That was uncalled for.”

In Japan the major lolita brands would put a “No Bodyline” clause in the dress code for their event. Read http://yumemiru.wordpress.com/ the article on Yumeiru to see closer into Japan’s opinion of Bodyline.

Then Bodyline began the slow climb upward. Better quality dresses with nicer lace began to appear on the site. Bodyline began to be accepted as okay lolita wear, and their reputation increased. They became known as the go-to place for cheaper petticoats, shoes, and bloomers; as a wardrobe builder; and as a reliable starting point for newer lolitas, ie, a place where they clould get at least a blouse, skirt, headdress and socks for a reasonable price. Bodyline seemed to have found its niche in the lolita world.

Then, they released a replica of Angelic Pretty’s widely popular “Fruit Parlour” series. The Western Lolita community (EGL) was abuzz after pictures of it appeared onto the Bodyline website. The Western community seemed split: half were outraged that Bodyline make a replica, while half were happy, because now they could afford a Fruit Parlour esq skirt. Then Bodyline released replicas of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright’s heart buckle shoes. Again, the lolita community was split. However, I have heard that on the Japanese lolita forums, there was almost pure outrage. On a side note, released at the same time as the Fruit Parlour knockoff was another knockoff of the Puppy and Flowers print from classical lolita brand Innocent World. But there was absolutely no anger being expressed over it.

So that is the short story on how Bodyline rose to infamy in the lolita community. People continue to purchase from Bodyline, while others abstain from buying their products. Still, posts are made on EGL about new items on the Bodyline site, and on the wtf_burando community, posts are made about the clothes Bodyline comes up with.

Onto the question, most of the lolita community is split on this answer. Some agree while others say hell no. Personally, I say no. Bodyline will never be recognized as a true lolita brand. Why? Read below.

Bodyline’s reputation as a sex costume shop still lingers with them, which makes me wonder how exactly are the lolita clothes to be used? Also, Bodyline’s popularity only shoots up when they create knockoffs. Then there is the general case of bad quality in some of their items, which often can’t be realized until after the item is purchased. This makes people a little wary about buying clothes. Going back to what I said about Bodyline’s sex shop roots, this is most likely what makes Bodyline such a distasteful brand in Japan.

Personally, I am voting no on Bodyline because of the crappy coordinates, and the creepy “modeling contests” they offer. Seriously Bodyline, a blue jumperskirt with a white blouse and black socks. REALLY? And don’t even get me started on Mr. Yan and his underage modeling contests. It’s kind of an inside joke in EGL. But what girl wouldn’t want a chance for a romantic date with Mr. Yan? I’m resisting the urge to quote from “The Time Police II” episode in Superjail!

Also, Bodyline, your cosplay stuff is crappy. I am sure you are also a little bit of a laughing stock in the cosplay world as well. This is totally off-topic but IT’S MY BLOG.

So, in retrospect, I believe that Bodyline will never really be accepted in the ranks of BTSSB and Innocent World, and it is WAY out of the league of Moi-Meme-Moite and Victorian Maiden. However, it will fuction as a wardrobe booster becuase of its sporadic good items. However, it’s reputation for shoddy clothing and its “maid/china dress/cosplay/love dream” section will always, always bring it down.

But hey, I agree with the article in Yumeiru, I will probably purchase from Bodyline. Becuase every lolita needs cheap bloomers, shoes (and cardigans).

July 21, 2009

Listen Up, Young Lolitas!

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After reading this great post on the Lolita blog Doll Part-


I decided to make a similar post. As I am a young lolita, this is my version of Surviving EGL.

1. Read the rules. Seriously. Read them. Then read them again.

2. Check the memories. You may think this is boring, but the memories contain alot that can help you out. They contain interesting tutorials and descriptions of multiple styles.

3. Read Doll Part’s Surving EGL guide. Do it. Then get back here, to Sugar Ribbon.

The above three rules apply to anyone who joined with EGL. The following should be looked over by lolitas under the age of 18, because we are most commonly the offenders. (i.e, the ones who post stuff like, “Hi! I’m candycat_lolichan and I’m only 14 but I really really really like lolita ^_^ and I was wondering if you could provide me with a link to the one lolita brand that was in the Kamikaze Girls movie? Thank you all sooooo much and I am sooooo happy ^_^ to be here! please be nice to meee!)

4. Read and follow the above 3 rules.

5. Don’t be postin’ right away, you hear. (NO indroduction posts!) Spend some time on the community. Look at posts. Comment on the posts. Just get to know the rythem and feel of EGL, and the way it operates.

6. Join the daily_lolita, and the gtfo_egl communities. The former is for posting snapshots of your daily lolita wear. By looking at those posts, you can get ideas for your own outfits, a general sense of what makes a lolita outfit and what doesn’t, and an idea of what to avoid. It’s also the place for posting “daily snapshots” of your outfits.

The latter, gtfo_egl, should be joined for A) some good laughs, and B) an example that shows where you’ll end up if you make stupid posts. The EGL comm will not shower you in frills and roses if you make a dumbass post. They’ll laugh at you on gtfo_egl.

7. DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, (I cannot stress this enough) endorse the so-called “lolita” blogger La Carmina. DO NOT take her seriously. DO NOT think she has anything to do with the actual fashion/EGL. SHE DOESN’T. Sadly, she may be one of the most popular bloggers for information about Gothic and Lolita, but in reality, she won’t know a lolita if one slapped her in the face.

8. Keep more personal entries to your personal journal. That’s what it’s there for!


10. Respect the mods. Please. EGL is a huge community and it takes alot to keep it running. If a mod asks for ____ not to be done, don’t do it.

In short, the EGL community is perhaps the most vital of online sources for up-to-date and correct lolita news and information. It’s the best possible place for a new and a seasoned lolita. Remember, the community is, to be cliche, like a lolita dress. One weak, or faulty stitch, and the whole thing can be ruined.



July 15, 2009

A Terribly Exciting Post

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I’ve decided to admit some of my guilty pleasures!!!

1. Lady Gaga (biggest guilty pleasure, not just listening to Poker Face/Just Dance but like the WHOLE Fame Album!!!)

2. Fullmetal Alchemist (I thought I totes gave up animu in 7th grade OHWAIT BROTHERHOOD NEVER MIND)

3. Being a lurk-a-sorus on the GTFO_lolita comm.

Besides this, I had a CRAZY dream last night. Seriously. No Judgement, readers, because dreams are CRAZY.

I dreamt that Cesar was part of a total blue blood family and was throwing this super extravagant ball. I was there. But apparently I was, A) the leader of a international crime syndicate; B) one of his closer friends; and C) kind of crushing on him.

So then I go to this partay, and I’m sitting next to him. And it is a Rococo party, mind you. Everyone’s all dressed to the nines and there is marble and gold and the whole Versailles-like deal. Then I am trying to talk to Cesar and I keep noticing him craning his neck to look beind me. Annoyed, I look to and there is this one chick at a far table that I thought he COULD be staring at.

Then the scene changes to where I’m sitting across from him and their is a cake (also gilded gold, mind you) being served. The girl he was looking at is sitting next to him. Apparently now I was aware I was no ordinary party-goer, and I needed to do my whole crime-syndicate thingy. I look down and Cesar’s got more rings on his hands then Nana Kitade. One was a ring with a wing design, and three others were large pearls. Terribly, terribly gaudy; not to mention that the rings had an uncanny resemblance to the pearls you get in Wind Waker; but hey, it’s a DREAM. I then knew I had to get those pearls.

So I go to the bathroom and then devise a plan. It was a really stupid plan, to ask him if I could tell him something, which was supposed to make him suspect that I was going to say something like, “I like you/Do you like me?” In dream reality, I asked if I could see the wing design ring. So he hands it over, and then turns to the other chick. I nab the pearls and take off. Back to the bathroom, strangely. The party was ending, I guess, so everyone was leaving. I pass an apperant comrade, and tell her to clean up the evidence. I walk back to where Cesar and his other guests are talking and walk with them towards the entrance. I don’t recall how it came up, but I told him that I had the pearls and began to run, and then jumped in a car (through the window, of course) and drove away. Then I woke up.


Oh yes,


July 14, 2009

Is Seriously Going to go CRAZY

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Professor Layton and the Curious Village. Really. Fun, Fun, Fun Game but too many WTF puzzles. Seriously. Puzzle 89. wtf. wtf.



July 13, 2009

This is Seriously Wierd

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Bloggin from my grandma’s house in Utah, cause I’m seriously cool.

Anyways, whenever I discover something I like, like Flight of the Conchords or the AMAZING short “Adventure Time”,  SOMEONE on LIJ has an icon featuring it!!!!


This is just adding to my belief that the whole world does revolve around me.

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