July 9, 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing

Posted in NaBloPoMo at 7:45 am by rosecarnival

There is such a concept of too much of a good thing. If you eat too many sweets, you get sick. If you do too much exercise, you get tired. If you are constantly, constantly random, you get annoying.

The subject of this post is: on being random.

Random is a lack of continuity, order, cause, purpose, generally the lack of predictablilty. Being random has, well, become rampant with the rise of subcultures and the internet forum phenomenon.

Being random is good. It helps to keep a person, or event, exciting. But when overused, it becomes like an itch you can’t reach; or a noise you can’t silence. Random has become the latter.

An example of good random: “I went to the zoo after school yesterday. No plans, just felt like it.”

An example of bad random: “So then I told her that I’ll meet him at the mall tommorow. I like pie/cheese/whatever!”

Maybe you’ve heard it before. People repeating that they like pie/cheese/etc at a nauseating rate. It’s common for people on the internet to pull out random topics, but when these random topcis are spread across the interwebs in “meme” form, it becomes, simply, NOT FUNNY. At all.

When people take the internet humor, or random, into real life, you want to avoid talking to them. Don’t deny it, you’ve probably known at least one person who has acted in this unfunny, random sense.

Being random used to be a good thing. Now it’s not. Randomness has turned from actual unpredictabilty into the form of bad, unfunny internet humor being used ad naseaum by (usually, but not always) pre-teen and teenage girls.

I should know this. I used to be one of these random chicks. People, I’m sure, hated talking to me. Luckily I went through my own little rehab and knocked if off.

So if you suspect you may be one of these people, ask yourself these questions:

1. Do I just pull things out of nowhere, conversation wise? Do they actually have any revelence to anything previously mentioned in conversation?

2. Do all my jokes and humor consist of internet jokes that I find on forums and off-the-beaten-track websites?

3. Do people look uncomfortable when I speak to them about these things/do they try to change the subject constantly?

If you answered yes to 2 or more, you may be a randomistic person ( is “randomistic really a word? not really, I just added a common suffix to it-OH SHIT.) If you want to stop, it’s easy. Just limit your hours spent on the computer, and when speaking to others, don’t pull these topics out if the people you are speaking to have no interest or idea.

And just to remember, NEVER EVER EVER just say, “I like pie/I like tacos/I like cheese!” out of nowhere. It wasn’t funny on Invader Zim, it won’t be funny in real life.

And this concludes my first post for National Blog Posting Month. A whole month of not posting entries that consist of capslock and “OH NO SHE DIDN’T. SARA YOU BITCH.”


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