July 23, 2009

Make it or Break it, Bodyline

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Bodyline: the fringe gothic/punk/lolita store that’s got a little bit for every Harajuku style at low prices. However, most items are very hit and miss, meaning you could get a great blouse that matches all the lolita standards on day, but then buy another blouse that looks like it’s been drowned in the cheapest lace known to man. But lately, Bodyline’s items and quality has been improving; leading to the big question: will Bodyline ever be considered a Tried and True Lolita Brand?

Let’s take a look.

First, start off with Bodyline’s history. Bodyline orginally started as a sex costume shop.  Then, the deviated into maid dress, cosplay, and then finally ended up at lolita. Until recently, (I would guess around 2006/2007-2009) the name Bodyline was considered to be the very epitome of bad lace, poor quality, shoddy constuction, and all in all, a big lolita no-no. To put it short, Bodyline was a laughingstock. I remember looking at a post on EGL of a meet-up, and the poster had titled the picture of her BTSSB bunnybag saying something along the lines of, “Bunnybag says your mom wears Bodyline. That was uncalled for.”

In Japan the major lolita brands would put a “No Bodyline” clause in the dress code for their event. Read http://yumemiru.wordpress.com/ the article on Yumeiru to see closer into Japan’s opinion of Bodyline.

Then Bodyline began the slow climb upward. Better quality dresses with nicer lace began to appear on the site. Bodyline began to be accepted as okay lolita wear, and their reputation increased. They became known as the go-to place for cheaper petticoats, shoes, and bloomers; as a wardrobe builder; and as a reliable starting point for newer lolitas, ie, a place where they clould get at least a blouse, skirt, headdress and socks for a reasonable price. Bodyline seemed to have found its niche in the lolita world.

Then, they released a replica of Angelic Pretty’s widely popular “Fruit Parlour” series. The Western Lolita community (EGL) was abuzz after pictures of it appeared onto the Bodyline website. The Western community seemed split: half were outraged that Bodyline make a replica, while half were happy, because now they could afford a Fruit Parlour esq skirt. Then Bodyline released replicas of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright’s heart buckle shoes. Again, the lolita community was split. However, I have heard that on the Japanese lolita forums, there was almost pure outrage. On a side note, released at the same time as the Fruit Parlour knockoff was another knockoff of the Puppy and Flowers print from classical lolita brand Innocent World. But there was absolutely no anger being expressed over it.

So that is the short story on how Bodyline rose to infamy in the lolita community. People continue to purchase from Bodyline, while others abstain from buying their products. Still, posts are made on EGL about new items on the Bodyline site, and on the wtf_burando community, posts are made about the clothes Bodyline comes up with.

Onto the question, most of the lolita community is split on this answer. Some agree while others say hell no. Personally, I say no. Bodyline will never be recognized as a true lolita brand. Why? Read below.

Bodyline’s reputation as a sex costume shop still lingers with them, which makes me wonder how exactly are the lolita clothes to be used? Also, Bodyline’s popularity only shoots up when they create knockoffs. Then there is the general case of bad quality in some of their items, which often can’t be realized until after the item is purchased. This makes people a little wary about buying clothes. Going back to what I said about Bodyline’s sex shop roots, this is most likely what makes Bodyline such a distasteful brand in Japan.

Personally, I am voting no on Bodyline because of the crappy coordinates, and the creepy “modeling contests” they offer. Seriously Bodyline, a blue jumperskirt with a white blouse and black socks. REALLY? And don’t even get me started on Mr. Yan and his underage modeling contests. It’s kind of an inside joke in EGL. But what girl wouldn’t want a chance for a romantic date with Mr. Yan? I’m resisting the urge to quote from “The Time Police II” episode in Superjail!

Also, Bodyline, your cosplay stuff is crappy. I am sure you are also a little bit of a laughing stock in the cosplay world as well. This is totally off-topic but IT’S MY BLOG.

So, in retrospect, I believe that Bodyline will never really be accepted in the ranks of BTSSB and Innocent World, and it is WAY out of the league of Moi-Meme-Moite and Victorian Maiden. However, it will fuction as a wardrobe booster becuase of its sporadic good items. However, it’s reputation for shoddy clothing and its “maid/china dress/cosplay/love dream” section will always, always bring it down.

But hey, I agree with the article in Yumeiru, I will probably purchase from Bodyline. Becuase every lolita needs cheap bloomers, shoes (and cardigans).



  1. dollpart said,

    I own a couple of bl dresses and I bought them because design wise they’re not overt knockoffs of any brand design – also half a year ago when the currency market was all wonky a girl couldn’t say no to a $22 dress or an $11 skirt in a basic style. Some slightly cheaper – non dressy – items are so useful when you wear lolita very often (every other day for me) – and honestly, only lolitas can tell what brand it is – outside of posting pictures on the internet, walking around town no ordinary person in the west will think about brands. 😀

    *adds ur blog to my faves!*

  2. Chera said,

    Bodyline will NEVER be brand. That being said, it makes for a good wardrobe-padder and a place for newbies to go, provided they can sort through the crap and read some reviews for quality.

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