July 27, 2009

Nokemono to Hanayome

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Every lolita can recognize the beautiful artwork done for Angelic Pretty by Imai Kira (and sometimes designer Maki), but Baby, the Stars Shine Bright also had artwork done for them as well.

Although artwork for BTSSB was not done in sync with new prints, the magazine Kera has featured Asumiko Nakamura’s artwork for the short story (now a manga) called, “Nokemono to Hanayome” which roughly translates to ‘A Reject and the Bride”



Some of Baby’s most beloved prints have been drawn up by Asumiko Nakamura.

The story? For me, it’s very fuzzy. I’ve managed to pierce together bits and pieces from Japanese blogs and from what I can understand.

The main character, Sara Hitsuji (Sara Sheep), and Itaru, “the outcast” (who is the hand she is holding in each of the pictures) travel together. They are running from the police, who have been sent by Sara’s father, who incidently is in love with her. To make matters worse, Itaru is wanted by the members of the Burning Giraffe (this may or may not be the name, the translation could be faulty) for reasons unbeknownst to me.

In the manga (chapters 1-7) Itaru and Hitsuji are on the run from the police, and they stop in a church to, well, get married. The Pastor and his assistants act very kind to them, but then knock them out, revealing that the Pastor has a fetish for younger girls. He takes Histuji down to his lab, where she is strapped up to various wires. She escapes and comes across a room filled with the bodies of dead girls. A voice speaks to her (later revealed to be her beloved Itaru) and the next thing we know, she is back with the Pastor. He begins to cut off her clothing, and she retaliates by stabbing him in the eye. However, her father has come to take her back, and the scene closes with Itaru being shredded by Histuji’s father’s assitant.

Too me, it is a fasinating storyline. I wish it was in English. The artwork really draws you in, specifically the eyes and the clothing. Asumiko Nakamura puts a lot of detail into her art.

Lolita is never really touched upon greatly in the story, except that the clothing Hitsuji wears is Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. In the manga, she wears lolita, but it is never really a major part of the storyline like it is in Shimostuma Monogatari.

It may be just a manga, but it did start out as a story. We really need more good literature (Japanese or English) that stars a good, strong-willed lolita as the main character.

Some more art: 2w7qx5s


This dress is the lace monster that BTSSB released lace winter.

If anyone knows more about this story (or has more art), comment! I’d love to know more!

P.S: If any groups are/would like to scanlate this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me.



  1. techgal101 said,

    Transcendence is currently scanlating the series. We’ve released chapters 1 and 2.

    You wouldn’t happen to have the raws for chapters 8-12 and 17, would you? If so, PLEASE contact me! We are missing these chapters and cannot find them anywhere!

    • rosecarnival said,

      I have chapters 1-7, and I may have more. I’m replying from an itouch, so I will check later on the laptop.

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