August 4, 2009

Pyschology? In my Zelda? (Zelda? In my pyschology?)

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:48 am by rosecarnival

Yes. This is srs bsns. I was looking through my pyschology book and surprise! the Legend of Zelda cartoon from the 8o’s. In my textbook. The cartoon was horrible but it’s zelda. In my textbook. P1020844

Wai hello thar link.

If anyone’s interested, it was the caption for the section that described how children’s cartoons still contain acts of violence. Then the whole “children will have seen over 1 billion violent acts on television before they graduate kindergarten blah blah radda radda”

To that I say,

Well, excuuuuuusseee me, Princess!

Way to be cliche. Way to be cliche


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