August 16, 2009

OMG! Lolitas should b polite ladys u gais!

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Time for another round of Lolita myth-busting u gais!

This week’s myth is possibly the most over-used, cliche that effects every single lolita. Every ita seems to be afflicted with what we will call, “rorisbpoliteugais-itis”

Go to any website that is a 411 for the lolita style. Sites like Lolita Handbook,etc, will list some of the rules of lolita. They vary from author to author, but one rule will always be there-

“Lolitas should be polite at all times.”

This rule comes from the pages of the Gothic and Lolita bible, when lolita started to become popular. It states that all lolitas should display a level of extreme politeness to everyone they meet. With the Japanese langauge having multiple, and I mean multiple, suffixes, prefixes, additives, preservatives, titles, natural ingriedients for the different levels of polite speak, the lolita in Japan can easily change her speech around to be extremly degrading, or extremly polite.

So of course Western lolitas should be super polite ALL THE TIME, right?

By no means I am saying that everyone should go around and be rude. Not at all. A little polite goes a long way. I’m talking about saying “Thank you/you’re welcome/etc, etc”

But do we really need to be super polite ALL THE TIME.

Let’s look at the differences. Japan is a very non-confrontional society to begin with. People there are polite because they want to avoid a confrontation. The lolitas there expect some stares from passer-by, but very, very rarely will the passer-by shout out at them. h

Western world is a little more in-your-face. Passerby will stare, gape, take pictures, and maybe shout some unkind things to the lolita. So do we need to be the super polite lolita-chan to the people who intentionally go out of their way to humiliate us?

So when the group of tards try and take your picture, I think that no lolita should say,

“No dears, this is not what you think it is. This is lolita fashion, it’s from Japan, blah blah we know the speech.”

Hell no! These jerks don’t deserve a polite reply. They deserve to be ignored, or a witty comment, or even better, a camera whipped out and pictures being taken of them. Lolita’s don’t need to give a polite response to those who don’t show them respect. A witty comment always works better then trying to match the person up with vulgarity or trying to be polite.

So what if we are not acting like the Gothic and Lolita bible ideal? So what if we are not doing what the Japanese lolitas would do? The Gothic and Lolita Bible doesn’t dictate what we do, nor do the Japanese lolita behavior tell us what to do. We are ourselves.

I would rather be a lolita who can stand up for herself then a little doll who religiously follows the ideals of G&L bible.

Have trouble thinking up witty comments? Don’t worry, check the EGL memories, there’s a whole load of comments there that you can use!

This post slightly corresponds with my next Myth-Busting Post, “OMG! U GAIS R SO MEEN JAPANESE RORITAS R NOT MEEN.”

To my readers, what lolita myth would you like to see busted?


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