August 17, 2009

Lolita Literature

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:19 am by rosecarnival

As we all know, lolita literature kind of sucks. There’s the ever-ubiquitos “Shimostuma Monogatari” and the classical “Lolita” but let’s face it- most stories about lolita suck ass.

Why? Why do so many stories featuring lolita SUCK? Well, most portray lolita as some kind of fetish, the author completely misunderstands the fashion/the author writes like a sugar-high 13 year-old would write about her “kawaii animu charcters”. Or, perhaps the most annoying of all: lolita stories are all about the lolitas being broken dolls, lost princesses, children of the rosegarden, etc. Basically, wangsty angsty rorita-chans. Lolita Angst

And don’t even get me started on lolita poetry. I cannot stand most poetry to begin with. Most lolita poetry sounds like something a little emo child would write on their MySpace.

Wat r u reeding thar momoko?

Wat r u reeding thar momoko?

So, do I dare to write an example of lolita literature? Can I pull it off without my character being a hopeless example of LOLITA ANGST?! Can I make a story that is not about a princess or a doll? Can I… Can I make a story that does not make the reader roll their eyes and be dissapointed in humanity?

I can… but I have APUSH to do.

Maybe tommorow pls.


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