August 20, 2009

Lolita Literature, Part II

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Cause y’all know I’m never satisfied unless the entires are divided into PARTS.

So, I have been thinking about my own short piece of lolita literature. It’s still in the works. Hopefully, by Friday or something, it will be up. Meanwhile, to help me, myself, and others, I’ve decided to put up a MST-esq sort of post. As in a list of things to avoid when writing lolita literature. Now, yes, this may seem harsh. Yes, it may seem like I am limiting your creativity. Well, I don’t control how you write. But if you want to create a decent lolita story, that WON’T bring eye-rolling, head-desking, facepalming, brain/eye bleaching, etc, maybe you want to pay attention. 

What you Want to Avoid At All Costs (WWAAAC)/ You Know Your Story Is Bad When (YKYSIBW):

1. Character is not human. Character is (in order of most to least offensive): vampire, angel, demon/devil, witch, reincarnated dead, half-animal anything, doki-doki magical whatever, mermaid, anything you would find in an anime, immortal being, etc.

2. Character has a ridiculous Japanese name. Now, while this may seem to contradict books like Shimostuma Monogatari, we must remember that Shimostsuma was written by a JAPANESE man. It takes place in JAPAN. The character is JAPANESE. It’s okay to feature a character that is Japanese, but seriously, don’t give the character a name like, “Yukinonamidahime Resurorita usagipinkuhanasushi chan.”

3. DON’T just insert random Japanese into your writing.


Alice Hargreaves stopped and looked over where her friend was pointed. Lying on the grass was a kawaii shiro usagi. It has stolen one of their scones and was nibbling on it. “Kawaii!” Alice cried. “Miru, Miru, Mary-chan, anoko wa usagi wa totemo kawaii desu neeee!”

It’s just wierd to insert random Japanese words and phrases into a predominently ENGLISH story.

4. No one wants to hear about your characters dress. Yes, dress is an important part of lolita. Yes, your character should probably dress lolita if this is a story about lolita. But no, we do not want ever single detail of the dress.

NO:  I looked down at my pink Angelic Pretty Magical Etoile jumperskirt. The white with white lace Baby, the Stars Shine Bright blouse I was wearing underneath just  felt out of place. My pink polka dot sailor Metamorphose socks felt heavy and too busy. I looked at my white Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Bunny Bag. It’s face stared up at me. I wiggled my toes into my pink Secret Shop Tea Party shoes. My hair felt sticky and poofy, crowding around my pink Angelic Pretty Magical Etoile Alice Bow Headdress. I couldn’t look any of the other lolitas in the eyes. It had just become painfully clear- I, with my Metamorphose socks and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright blouse and bag, was not part of those who dressed in perfect Angelic Pretty. I knew now that my acceptance into the Cult of Angelic Pretty was never to be.

YES: I looked down at my jumperskirt. My blouse’s ruffles stuck out from over the top. I should have ironed them. My socks were slipping down, and my Bunny Bag just felt over-the-top and ridiculous. My hair felt so sticky,  I shouldn’t have put on that much hairspray! I couldn’t look any of the other lolitas in the face. I knew what they were thinking. “How dare she coordinate an Angelic Pretty jumperskirt with clothes from another brand!” I just didn’t fit in with the other girls, dressed in perfect head-to-toe Angelic Pretty outfits. The Cult of Angelic Pretty just wasn’t for me.

5. NOTHING should be written about the character being “a broken doll, a lost princess, the forgotten child of the roses.” NO NO NO. That is not what lolita is about! Yes, Novela Takemoto wrote about that when he describes how to become a perfect maiden, but girls, remember, that advice was given to you by a 34-year old cannabis-smoking GUY.

6. Save your angst for your journal, myspace, facebook, blog, whatever. Although writing is a good outlet for emotions, let’s be honest, no one wants to read the story of your life problems translated over with a few lolita terms thrown in.

7.  No characters from other media thrown into your story. That means no anime, manga, TV, movie, book, comic, etc characters thrown into your story to make it more interesting.

8. Write well. Spelling and grammer are vital. Remember to add paragraph breaks, because otherwise it becomes a tl;dr story.

9.  NO: random internet memes thrown in; no inside jokes;  write lolita truthfully.

10. If La Chamydia would support or like anything about the story then it has to go.

11. Perhaps the most important rule of all: KEEP YOUR SHIT TO YOURSELF. If there is something dark and gross that you had always wanted to relate to lolita fashion, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.


Now, what do you want to see in a lolita story? Personally, my favorite piece of lolita literature is Frill Street (link comes later).


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