August 31, 2009

Is Lolita Really an Endangered Species?

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Lolita-Charm writes some pretty damn good articles on lolita. As this blog is slowly becoming yet ANOTHER lolita blog.  

But the article on Lolita Charm got my attention. Are we REALLY driving new lolitas away from the fashion? Is the EGL community driving people away?

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the EGL community, in spite of all the drama that goes on, is a vital resource for any lolita. It provides a constant stream of what’s new and old in the lolita world, and provides multiple links, advice, and thoughts to every lolita who has access.  

In the Lolita-Charm article, it is stated that the drama and hurtful comments on the lolita comm keeps girls from joining or asking questions there. While this is a valid point, I must point out that a lot of the drama happens OFF the EGL main comm. Offshoots like loli_secret, and gtfo_egl is where alot of the bitching happens. EGL rarely makes a reference to these issues. If you don’t like the drama, that’s cool. Don’t join up with the communities.

Also, the comms mentioned above NEVER chew out younger lolitas. Mostly they point out when a person is rude, ignoranct, annoying, etc. Unless said young lolita does something TROLLISH, it won’t end up there.

So young lolitas, join up! You are the continuers of the lolita fashion. For every lolita that falls out of the fashion, you take her place!

I agree with Lolita-Charm’s recognization of the internet as a powerful tool in the lolita fashion. But it, like any power, must be used with careful hands. Now, with lolita becoming more popular, more fashion magazines, bloggers, etc, are finding out about it. We need the community to keep evolving, but we also need a constant variable. We need a control, something that will always be there no matter what.

Lolitas are different. We differ in styles, beliefs, thoughts and lifestyles. We are indeed connected by the clothes we wear, because of common fashion, expiriences, and wishes.

But I sure as hell don’t expect a lolita who happens to own Princess Drop JSK to love Flight of the Conchords and playing Zelda.

The differences among lolitas are what makes us unique. Lolitas have found ways to take these differences and rock them. Young lolitas, if you like to wear big pink Ray-Bands with your outfit, go for it! Unless your ideas are completely trollish, post em! Someone will love them!

Just remember girls, lolita, first and foremost, is a FASHION. This is the INTERNET. If one person doesn’t like your outfit, or if we think you should maybe get a different pair of socks for that dress, don’t despair. Don’t leave the fashion.

We are all lolitas, we all look ridiculous, we all have had someone say something mean to us. But that’s lolita.

To be a lolita is constantly debated. When are you made a lolita? I do believe it’s when you stop absorbing common lolita myths, (ie. lolitas should all be nice princess!) and start being YOU, just in petticoat and headdress.


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