September 13, 2009

Junior Year

Posted in In the Life of a Lolita at 4:03 am by rosecarnival

Well, it’s time to review my all-new JUNIOR YEAR!

This is the year that MATTERS!

Because of junior year, I bought book covers EARLY. I even covered my books. So classy.

This year, I am taking the following: AP Biology, Algebra II, Chemistry Honors, AP European History, AP English and AP U.S History. Wow

AP Biology: I love biology, but this class is my hardest class. So much specifics in terms of chemistry. Luckily, cool people take this class, who often times are just as confused as me, so we get to be confused together. It’s all good.

Algebra II: Most easy math I have ever taken. Algebra II is so easy… so I get to bring in stuff from other classes and do that. I just feel so stupid sometimes because I am a junior and technically should be in Math Analysis. I’m thinking about taking classes at a community college in M.A to boost me up. I cannot be a senior in math analysis next year… I can’t.

Chemisty Honors: FUN! I love chemistry (because I understand it… wait until I don’t). I came in late to this class, so I had 4 weeks to work to make up, but pulled off a solid A. On Thursday we burnt chemicals. That was joy.

AP European History: PARTY CLASS and HEADACHE CLASS! The chapters in this book are so long and its tl;dr. The book we use for an 11th-12th grade class is actually the same book I used in 9th grade World History. Great fun! The class is fun, because its just more detailed European history, but the outlines are often 10 or more pages. I remember when Ms. Zapanta used to write our notes for us in 9th grade… those were the days.

AP English: Another good class. Mrs. Fozzn is one of the greatest and most fun teachers ever. She made the Scarlet Letter funny. She is making Othello fun because she points out all the dirty stuff. Class is easy but ohhh my gossssshhhh the tests…. so hard!

AP U.S History: I have alot of friends in this class, so it’s all fun. However, it can get really boring sometimes, and the notes are long. But it’s really okay, since I do well on the tests.

Oh, I’ve decided not to join water polo this year. I think fencing is a mcuh better idea.


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