October 28, 2009

Lolita-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

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I’m Back in Black!

So, I’m going to do what all the other cool lolita bloggers are doing and make a list of super-awesome lolita-themed halloween costumes!!!!!!

Disclaimer: All skirts, jumperskirt, dresses, socks, petticoats, bloomers, hats, headdress, blouses, jackets must conform to the lolita guildlines.

Second disclaimer: Lolita Charm has a more serious and more tasteful list for lolita costumes then this. This is meant to be SILLIES (but if anyone does this, link me to pictures!)

1. The AC/DC lolita- Wear a white button-down blouse, navy blazer with a ton of AC/Dc pins, navy blue skirt, and white socks. Converse are a must. Add a school-boy hat with a bow!

To get more views on daily-lolita, be sure to include a video of you spinning round on the floor.

2. For-the-Motherland: wear a jumperskirt, one-piece, or skirt- in RED!!! Get old Soviet pins and attach them to your dress. Wear with big, furry ushanka hat. Preferably, carry a copy of the Communist Manifesto.

3. Glinda the Good Witch of the North: Bust out the big pink dress, add some sparkles, top it all off with a big pink crown and bubbles. Only ita lolitas are ugly, my dear.

For the Wicked Version: instead of pink, replace with blue.

4. Elphaba, or the Wicked Witch of the North: Kuro-lolita, all black. With a black shawl, broom, Grimmere, and green skin, you’ll be dressed lovely and wicked.

5. The Failmine: Want to pay homage to the greatest ita of all time? (yo, Imma really happy for you, and imma let you finish, but La Pizzeria is the greatest ita of all time!) Easy! Take anything from your closet! That old t-shirt you wear to the gym? Great! Add black ribbons and black skulls you bought at the dollar store, and then top it all off with the frilly black miniskirt from forever21.

Warning: to pull off this look, do not wash hair for a weak. Apply makeup copiously and tastelessly.

6. The Scarlet Letter: Wear a classic gothic and lolita (black x white) ensemble, and add a big scarlet letter to the front. You choose the letter.

7. The Link Lolita: Yeah. Green skirt, green corset top with white shirt underneath, white tights, brown boots and gloves, and a big green hat. Hey! Listen!

8. Balloon Boy: Wear all white, and carry silver balloons. You know the story.

9. Lady Gaga: Again, all white, bow hair, and big sunglasses (with sequins!). Disco Stick is optional.

10. The IZ DIS RORITA?!:

The I.D.R is mislead. Wear clothes that have frills, lace, ruffles and other lolita-elements. Make sure said clothes could easily be mistaken for a lolita costume.

11. The Ita: Wear the horrible Hot Topic Lolita dress. That is all.

Inspired? No. Slightly taken aback? Yes.

It’s Halloween, so have fun with your costume!

I’m going as Flapjack, and then as Glinda


October 3, 2009

Freudian Slips

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As I certainly enjoy beating dead horses here, I have decided that my little rage incident of 2 weeks past was a freudian slip.

I TOTALLY meant to say, “Oh, no, I don’t think that’s lolita. Frilly things and tea parties are not really synonymous with lolita, actually.”

But it came out,

“You jerk, that bitch has ruined our relationship.”

Yeah totally. State of Denial.

In other unrelated news, I’ve been on vacation for about a week now, and I did an outline per day for APUSH. I feel very accomplished.