What is a Caitlin?

For one, it’s not spelled Kaitlin, or Kaitlyn, or Caitlyn. It’s Caitlin. Not Catie or Cat or Cate. It’s Caitlin.

She is a frilly, lacey, ruffley, ruffle-butt Sweet Lolita who adores BTSSB and AP. She loved Ribbons and has a large collections of bows.

She likes to swim, read, talk, talk, argue, write and blog. Despite having no music skills what-so-ever, music is a must.

She believes that girls are naturally better at video games.

She likes biology and history and lolita.

She is an intellectal sometimes, and at other times a girl with too much hair on her head.

She is currently enlocked in an Unspoken Battle. She tries to give Cesar the flirty eye but after class he asked her if she was having facial spasms. (not really but you get the point)

Caitlin’s are kind of piggies. Only around people they know. Around people they love and trust, they will eat their own meal, what’s left of the friend’s meal, what’s left of the second friend’s meal and the chips that came with the dining expierence.

Around people they don’t know very well, they drink water, constantly re-apply lip gloss and smile.

And they love comments.

Caitlin’s are highly odd creatures and should one be seen in the wild, one should take care to NOT approach it at ANY means.

She is also the type of person who picks off her band-aids while swimming and then leaves them in the pool or in the gutter… where you will unknowingly put your hand on them. Ahaha.


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  1. hannah said,

    i love this way of describing yourself. very innovative :]

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