September 13, 2009

Junior Year

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Well, it’s time to review my all-new JUNIOR YEAR!

This is the year that MATTERS!

Because of junior year, I bought book covers EARLY. I even covered my books. So classy.

This year, I am taking the following: AP Biology, Algebra II, Chemistry Honors, AP European History, AP English and AP U.S History. Wow

AP Biology: I love biology, but this class is my hardest class. So much specifics in terms of chemistry. Luckily, cool people take this class, who often times are just as confused as me, so we get to be confused together. It’s all good.

Algebra II: Most easy math I have ever taken. Algebra II is so easy… so I get to bring in stuff from other classes and do that. I just feel so stupid sometimes because I am a junior and technically should be in Math Analysis. I’m thinking about taking classes at a community college in M.A to boost me up. I cannot be a senior in math analysis next year… I can’t.

Chemisty Honors: FUN! I love chemistry (because I understand it… wait until I don’t). I came in late to this class, so I had 4 weeks to work to make up, but pulled off a solid A. On Thursday we burnt chemicals. That was joy.

AP European History: PARTY CLASS and HEADACHE CLASS! The chapters in this book are so long and its tl;dr. The book we use for an 11th-12th grade class is actually the same book I used in 9th grade World History. Great fun! The class is fun, because its just more detailed European history, but the outlines are often 10 or more pages. I remember when Ms. Zapanta used to write our notes for us in 9th grade… those were the days.

AP English: Another good class. Mrs. Fozzn is one of the greatest and most fun teachers ever. She made the Scarlet Letter funny. She is making Othello fun because she points out all the dirty stuff. Class is easy but ohhh my gossssshhhh the tests…. so hard!

AP U.S History: I have alot of friends in this class, so it’s all fun. However, it can get really boring sometimes, and the notes are long. But it’s really okay, since I do well on the tests.

Oh, I’ve decided not to join water polo this year. I think fencing is a mcuh better idea.


June 26, 2009

I’m in Canada

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I’m in Canada. It’s really nice up here. I’m on a small island off the coast. Well, it’s not really small.

The beaches here are really nice but I don’t dare swim in them unless I have my wetsuit. This Tuesday, it was the lowest tide in like FOREVER and all the tidepool-esq creatures washed up. I took at least five photos of one purple starfish.

We went on a hike, the Ripple Rock Hike to see the tide move back in (at like 15 nauts) from a mountain; it was really cool because all these whirlpools formed. Except for the hike… there were slugs! I HATE HATE HATE slugs!

And then when we got back, I was told to check myself for ticks. Ugh. Did you know ticks will crawl into your hairline? In your armpits? Up your pants and nest in your pubes? UghUghUgh. And then when you find them, all you see are little tick legs poking out. (No ticks on me, thank you very much)

And to top it all off, my ipod fell and the screen cracked. WAS NOT COOL. Gaaaaahhhh

But other then that, Canada is pretty cool. I like the stores up here. And everythings in French and English, instead of English and Spanish, which is what I am used too. I can understand a little bit of French (nothing major, and its all because the english equavilant is 3 cm above).

And in Canada, they have size 9 jeans! That is WIN.

So in other news, my submission for the lolita blog, “The Daily Frill” was accepted. Yes.

And Aimee Major, of A Tall Girl’s Guide to Japan, commented on my AP post!!!!! Squee!  I can really relate to her experience in Japan, because its prety much what I did. And I got the same “looks”. Not because I’m tall, but because my hair is oh-so-in-your-face-foreign-colored.

I need to make a post on the Daily Frill.

June 8, 2009

Almost No More School

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Yaaaay! No more school… in…a…week.

Finals: Japanese, Math, English. Gotta study study study and get all A’s so I can kick some butt next year in class rank!

English: study in period 3, during movie-watching

Math: study 3 days before

Japanese: procrasinate… but then study because I have to get an A so I can rub it in my teacher’s face.

I’m ready for summer, I’m ready for summah!

I’m going to hang out with friends, go to the beach, and do my APUSH homework.

Movies I want to see: Up, Precious, My Sister’s Keeper, Transformers 2, HARRY POTTER (omg!)

Superjail is the greatest show ever. It is ranking up their with Chowder. It is violent and funny and absolute crazy.

One more week of school……all the seniors are gone AND I MISS THEM!

I want a Jailbot. It could intimidate my teachers into giving me A’s and it would surely scare the crap out of Sara. (of course I cannot make a post without includind T.U.B [the unspoken battle- it’s got a cool anagram])

On that note, I think I should re-name this blog T.U.B, it’s all I ever talk about.

Lolita out!

May 16, 2009

It’s On

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Bring it bitch.

May 6, 2009

I Won’t Feel Sorry For Me

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I saw Cesar with that girl again last week. It’s really pointless to deny that he likes her. It’s obvious. I am upset. I am pissed, I am sad, disappointed and angry. But I will not let it show. I will put on a smile and act my best. I will not let him know I am upset. I will put on the lolita’s facade and pretend nothing is wrong.

Maybe it was good that I found out. Now I am no longer deluding myself. No longer I think that every half-smile in my direction is an affectionate gesture on his part. I have become enlightened, if you will. Doesn’t mean I’m not upset about it. I have now learnt my place as a friend and nothing more.

I wish I was on a beach in Hawaii, at a resort. I want to spead my days in lolita summerdresses walking around the beaches, not a care in the world. Then, maybe I wouldn’t care who Cesar likes.

I wish I was in Japan, shopping for sweet lolita, taking pictures, admiring other lolitas and talking with them. Maybe then I wouldn’t care who Cesar chose.

But I’m not in either of those places. I am at home in an overcrowded school where I don’t wear lolita. I can’t go to the beach. I can’t relax.

So now, I try not to care, I say “it’s cool, it’s cool” but in reality, I care more then he will ever know.

I wonder if he knows that I am upset about this girl. But I don’t bet on it. Because when you are smiling at the object of your affection, you don’t notice the hurt on the girl behind you’s face.

April 18, 2009

I’m being wasted…

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Signs of stress may be cognitive, emotional, physical or behavioral and include (but are not limited to) symptoms such as: poor judgment, a general negative outlook, excessive worrying, moodiness, irritability, agitation, inability to relax, feeling overwhelmed, feeling lonely or isolated, depressed, aches and pains, diarrhea or constipation, nausea, dizziness, chest pain, rapid heartbeat, eating too much or not enough, sleeping too much or not enough, withdrawing from others, procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities, using alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs to relax, and nervous habits (e.g. nail biting, pacing).  (taken from wikipedia)

This sucks. Between school and swimming I have no time. AP Tests are coming up fast and I haven’t studied. I am being wasted on Cesar.

I think I am stress. I can’t read and when I do, I get pains behind my eyes, headache and then I can’t concentrate. My heart speeds up and my stomach hurts and I can’t calm down.

I looked at the wikipedia article and it said there are all types of treatments. Including one that says you should listen to classical music. when i listen to classical, i think of you-know-who. and that stresses me more.