November 23, 2009


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French Revolution

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Thanks a lot France.
You know I love you, but your revolution is only interesting up until the Robospierre is killed and everyone stops dying.
I cannot keep a straight face through the Directory and the Napoleonic Consulate. Because all I can think of is Napoleon Dynamite and
“There’s alot more where this came from if you go to the dance with me.”
On the subject of history, we watched an amusing video in AP Euro. So horrible it was funny. Best line:
“Jean-Claudette! Hold me!”
“I thought you’d never ask!”

At this point, Keely and I were looking at each other, asking “Was that a gay joke? Did they just make a gay joke?”

October 28, 2009

Lolita-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

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I’m Back in Black!

So, I’m going to do what all the other cool lolita bloggers are doing and make a list of super-awesome lolita-themed halloween costumes!!!!!!

Disclaimer: All skirts, jumperskirt, dresses, socks, petticoats, bloomers, hats, headdress, blouses, jackets must conform to the lolita guildlines.

Second disclaimer: Lolita Charm has a more serious and more tasteful list for lolita costumes then this. This is meant to be SILLIES (but if anyone does this, link me to pictures!)

1. The AC/DC lolita- Wear a white button-down blouse, navy blazer with a ton of AC/Dc pins, navy blue skirt, and white socks. Converse are a must. Add a school-boy hat with a bow!

To get more views on daily-lolita, be sure to include a video of you spinning round on the floor.

2. For-the-Motherland: wear a jumperskirt, one-piece, or skirt- in RED!!! Get old Soviet pins and attach them to your dress. Wear with big, furry ushanka hat. Preferably, carry a copy of the Communist Manifesto.

3. Glinda the Good Witch of the North: Bust out the big pink dress, add some sparkles, top it all off with a big pink crown and bubbles. Only ita lolitas are ugly, my dear.

For the Wicked Version: instead of pink, replace with blue.

4. Elphaba, or the Wicked Witch of the North: Kuro-lolita, all black. With a black shawl, broom, Grimmere, and green skin, you’ll be dressed lovely and wicked.

5. The Failmine: Want to pay homage to the greatest ita of all time? (yo, Imma really happy for you, and imma let you finish, but La Pizzeria is the greatest ita of all time!) Easy! Take anything from your closet! That old t-shirt you wear to the gym? Great! Add black ribbons and black skulls you bought at the dollar store, and then top it all off with the frilly black miniskirt from forever21.

Warning: to pull off this look, do not wash hair for a weak. Apply makeup copiously and tastelessly.

6. The Scarlet Letter: Wear a classic gothic and lolita (black x white) ensemble, and add a big scarlet letter to the front. You choose the letter.

7. The Link Lolita: Yeah. Green skirt, green corset top with white shirt underneath, white tights, brown boots and gloves, and a big green hat. Hey! Listen!

8. Balloon Boy: Wear all white, and carry silver balloons. You know the story.

9. Lady Gaga: Again, all white, bow hair, and big sunglasses (with sequins!). Disco Stick is optional.

10. The IZ DIS RORITA?!:

The I.D.R is mislead. Wear clothes that have frills, lace, ruffles and other lolita-elements. Make sure said clothes could easily be mistaken for a lolita costume.

11. The Ita: Wear the horrible Hot Topic Lolita dress. That is all.

Inspired? No. Slightly taken aback? Yes.

It’s Halloween, so have fun with your costume!

I’m going as Flapjack, and then as Glinda

October 3, 2009

Freudian Slips

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As I certainly enjoy beating dead horses here, I have decided that my little rage incident of 2 weeks past was a freudian slip.

I TOTALLY meant to say, “Oh, no, I don’t think that’s lolita. Frilly things and tea parties are not really synonymous with lolita, actually.”

But it came out,

“You jerk, that bitch has ruined our relationship.”

Yeah totally. State of Denial.

In other unrelated news, I’ve been on vacation for about a week now, and I did an outline per day for APUSH. I feel very accomplished.

September 20, 2009

On Lolita

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Lolita fashion is a major point in my life. Although I don’t exactly have a huge wardrobe, I still have some beloved dresses that mean alot to me. Lolita fashion means alot to me.

Yeah, it’s clothes. Just clothes. Frilly, lacey, flowery, ribbon-adorned, pastel or black, petticoated clothes.  But every girl who dresses lolita has her own story to tell. To every lolita, whether they just dress the style or they live the style holds lolita in their hearts.

My story? Well, I had always liked more girly things, and in middle school, I took and interest in the Victorian era, corsets and lace and petticoats. Unfortunatly, the only corsets or lace I could get was the gothic style at Hot Topic. So when a friend told me about the Gothic and Lolita bible, I became intrigued. I fell in love with the sweet lolita style, because I could wear the style I like without looking gothic. Their is nothing wrong with the gothic style, but my mum would have a heart attack and this was the age of school where, if you wore more then one thing that’s black, you would be emooooo.

So upon taking a trip to Japan, I purchased my first lolita item from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. From their on, my love of lolita fashion started. I dappled with an ita-licious dress- too short, half bad and half nice lace. But it’s the trials we go through that make us better dressed lolitas, eh? When I found out my sewing skills were limited to sock toppers, headbows, headdress, and wristcuffs, I knew I would have to save and save to buy lolita. Hours spent mowing lawns in the Guam heat and humidity paid off- BTSSB dress!  And so on and so forth- more work equaled more lolita clothes.

I enjoy all matters of lacey and frilly things, but a lolita dress is my favorite frills. Even though the dresses can be impratical, and bring down unwanted comments, lolita always made me feel empowered and special. Just that I am out there saying “Yeah, this is how I like to dress. You have a problem?” Lolita makes me feel like a modern-day princess- a princess who can stand up for herself and knows how to dress.

Even when I am in an old t-shirt and shorts, I still like to call myself “lolita.” I don’t think I can really explain this, but I do.

If you’ve read my RAGE post, yes, I overeacted over lolita. Normally I would have just calmed down and explained how not everything in lolita. But a personal experience and the truth of lolita were at stake, so I flipped. Partly because of the reasons I mentioned above, and partly because I got to say alot of things to that boy that I’ve been wanting to say for a while.

So, in short, lolita means alot to me, much more then clothes. I’m no lifestyle lolita, but I agree on how the clothes make you feel (to a degree).

So stay lovely lolita-chans!

September 19, 2009


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Well, it all started off as a nice, relaxing day in APUSH. We were in groups, doing work nothing. In my group was me, Daisy, Victoria, Alejandro and Cesar. We hop from one topic to the next, laughing and stuff. Then, I mention that Alejandro and Cesar should dress up all nice like they do when they go and see orchestras and stuff, and then Daisy and I should dress lolita. Just as a joke, you know. Daisy jokes she’ll dress as a farmer and be a total bum, and then laugh laugh laugh oh ho ho ho…. and then Cesar has the nerve to say that Sara dressed up and had a little tea party that was like lolita.  Oh no, you just didn’t.

In any other case I would have kept my cool and explained that not everything was lolita. But in this case I totally flipped. 

Me: What did you say?

Cesar: Well, the pictures in your magazines and the tea party she had looked really similar. I mean, she’s really nice and funny and she did the little party thing.

Me: That’s not lolita.

Cesar: I didn’t say it was-

Me: No. Okay, no. What don’t you fucking understand? That bitch’s whorish, half-assed attempt is by no means lolita, kay?

Cesar: I just said that the two were similar-

Me: No, No, No.  Her shitty Forever 21 dress and lolita have nothing in common, alright? I don’t want you to mention them in the same sentence, got it? It’s not lolita. She never will be. This conversation is over.

Cesar looked really taken aback by now, so I stopped. And then later, he said that a guy I know makes really stupid comments in his English class. Now, this guy is creepy, and I would have said so, but I was not in the mood. After I argue, I want to argue more. I can’t help it.

Me: Well, you were stupid enough to confuse Sara’s half-assed tea party with lolita, so I don’t think you can talk, eh?

Cesar: Look, I never said it was. I only said that they were similar.

Me: No. A shitty dress on a whore will never be lolita. Get it though your head. She’s not anything close to lolita. Fuck that stupid tea party. Don’t you dare speak about her.

Yeahhhh, I totally freaked out, flipped out, overeacted, etc etc. Over lolita clothes. OVER LOLITA CLOTHES. CLOTHES.  But, no matter how sophisticated and mature I claim to be, I still retain some degree of shallow and narcissm. Lolita clothing, although it doesn’t really make or break anything, was always the one thing I had over her. Just something that I could hold onto. Silly, yes. Just the combined knowledge of Cesar being closer to Sara then I thought, and that he took something precious to me and compared it to her (I hope to God that he did not tell her about lolita) that just made me snap.  I normally don’t get mad like this.

I will apologize, but say something along the lines of “I admit I overeacted, but my point remains valid.”

September 8, 2009

Spirit Tracks and AC/DC?

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I can’t think of the new Legend of Zelda game, Spirit Tracks without thinking of this:

it’s from the Black Ice Tour Opening. It’s pretty funny.


Sorry Blog

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Sorry Rose Carnival, and the many people who find this blog by accident.

I haven’t been updating it lately. School’s been busy busy.

Maybe this week sometime. Also, I spend a lot of time on my iTouch, and typing on it ala blog entry is a pain.

What to Expect Maybe:

1. Wicked/ACDC pictures

2. Moer lolita myth-busting? IDK.

3. Exciting updates on my life.

August 31, 2009

Is Lolita Really an Endangered Species?

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Lolita-Charm writes some pretty damn good articles on lolita. As this blog is slowly becoming yet ANOTHER lolita blog.  

But the article on Lolita Charm got my attention. Are we REALLY driving new lolitas away from the fashion? Is the EGL community driving people away?

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the EGL community, in spite of all the drama that goes on, is a vital resource for any lolita. It provides a constant stream of what’s new and old in the lolita world, and provides multiple links, advice, and thoughts to every lolita who has access.  

In the Lolita-Charm article, it is stated that the drama and hurtful comments on the lolita comm keeps girls from joining or asking questions there. While this is a valid point, I must point out that a lot of the drama happens OFF the EGL main comm. Offshoots like loli_secret, and gtfo_egl is where alot of the bitching happens. EGL rarely makes a reference to these issues. If you don’t like the drama, that’s cool. Don’t join up with the communities.

Also, the comms mentioned above NEVER chew out younger lolitas. Mostly they point out when a person is rude, ignoranct, annoying, etc. Unless said young lolita does something TROLLISH, it won’t end up there.

So young lolitas, join up! You are the continuers of the lolita fashion. For every lolita that falls out of the fashion, you take her place!

I agree with Lolita-Charm’s recognization of the internet as a powerful tool in the lolita fashion. But it, like any power, must be used with careful hands. Now, with lolita becoming more popular, more fashion magazines, bloggers, etc, are finding out about it. We need the community to keep evolving, but we also need a constant variable. We need a control, something that will always be there no matter what.

Lolitas are different. We differ in styles, beliefs, thoughts and lifestyles. We are indeed connected by the clothes we wear, because of common fashion, expiriences, and wishes.

But I sure as hell don’t expect a lolita who happens to own Princess Drop JSK to love Flight of the Conchords and playing Zelda.

The differences among lolitas are what makes us unique. Lolitas have found ways to take these differences and rock them. Young lolitas, if you like to wear big pink Ray-Bands with your outfit, go for it! Unless your ideas are completely trollish, post em! Someone will love them!

Just remember girls, lolita, first and foremost, is a FASHION. This is the INTERNET. If one person doesn’t like your outfit, or if we think you should maybe get a different pair of socks for that dress, don’t despair. Don’t leave the fashion.

We are all lolitas, we all look ridiculous, we all have had someone say something mean to us. But that’s lolita.

To be a lolita is constantly debated. When are you made a lolita? I do believe it’s when you stop absorbing common lolita myths, (ie. lolitas should all be nice princess!) and start being YOU, just in petticoat and headdress.

August 25, 2009

Thank you Everyone

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Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday today!

I love you all, and thanks again! ❤

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